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Secret messages from the heart

Secret messages from the heart
"Secret messages from the heart"
by Sara J. Agape.

Hardcover: 167 pages, illustrated
Dimensions: 22cm x 27cm
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0955784301
ISBN-13: 978-0955784309
List price: £14.99
Online promotional price: £9.99

Below is a synopsis of the book and few extracts from it (Copyright Sara J. Agape).

"This book, unique in its genre, expresses a deep spiritual Truth which hides away in our daily life and about which we are little aware. It is the Truth of our Existence, that Truth which will bring back to us our lost peace of mind and happiness. This is expressed through amusing dialogues between the Divine Mother, Soul and Mind and through mystical and devotional poems, all accompanied by beautiful and unique photographs of nature. Sara J. Agape reflects, with a modern touch, the tradition of the mystical poets like Rumi, Kabir and others through her stories and poems, all of which express the beauty and peace which is hidden in our hearts. When this Truth is rediscovered it changes and improves our daily life as well as our spiritual journey.

The main message which comes across through the book is that we come into this existence to create an individuality through which we can experience one of many aspects of our inexpressibly wonderful Inner Nature and Reality. In the beginning, our creation is still young and taking form like clay in the hands of an artist. Like the artist we mould and give shape to our masterpiece - our life. Our everlasting and infinite Existence is creating life after life in which It expresses Its infinite aspects and creativity. In the end, we become fully conscious that we are part of that Existence; we begin to create consciously and we realise that the best creation, which reflects our perfection, comes from our hearts, because Love is the real artist and Life is his greatest work!"

N.B. Sara J.'s latest works can be followed on her blogpage http://hardela.blogspot.com/

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New titles

We are very honoured to publish for the first time in the UK the following new exclusive titles from two well-known spiritual masters, Sri Tathata and Maitreyi Amma:

Hardela Publications has exclusive distribution rights worldwide excluding the Indian subcontinent for these books.

Dawn of Dharma

Dawn of Dharma
"Dawn of Dharma
Sri Tathata's message to the world and his life in his own words"

Publishing date: 30th November 2008
Paperback: 104 pages, illustrated
Dimensions: 15cm x 22cm
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0955784330
ISBN-13: 978-0955784330
List price: £10
Online promotional price: £7

Dawn of Dharma is a powerful work, a wake-up call which many will find surprising and inspiring.

In the first part of this book Sri Tathata outlines the principles of dharmic life - a way of life based on eternal spiritual precepts - and urges us to acknowledge how far today's society has strayed from such a noble vision. In simple terms, appropriate for today's urgent need, Sri Tathata invites spiritual seekers to receive his teachings and put them into practice without delay in order to escape the impasse in which humanity finds itself.

In the second part, Sri Tathata reveals his true nature in his own words. He relates the remarkable circumstances of his birth and the extraordinary events and spiritual experiences that have marked his divine existence on Earth.

Below are few extracts from the book (Copyright Sri Tathata).

pdf Pages from chapter 1.pdf

For more information regarding Sri Tathata and his mission please visit http://www.sritathata.org and http://www.maitreyiamma.org

Messenger of Light

Messenger of Light
"Messenger of Light
The divine life of Maitreyi Amma"

Publishing date: 30th November 2008
Paperback: 136 pages, illustrated
Dimensions: 15cm x 22cm
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0955784316
ISBN-13: 978-0955784316
List price: £10
Online promotional price: £7

Messenger of Light is the biography of Maitreyi Amma told in her own words in the form of questions and answers. Maitreyi Amma was born in France in 1952. Self-Realised at birth, Maitreyi Amma was constantly aware of her mission "to rekindle divine love in people's hearts and lead them to the realisation of their inner being". She describes delightful, magical incidents from her childhood in rural France, intimately attuned to Nature and her glories, suffused with the presence of the Divine, of Jesus and Mary, and other holy beings including the all-important 'Yogi' she was destined to meet in later life. Later, Maitreyi Amma faced the challenges of adolescence, adulthood and motherhood with courage and good cheer.

There then followed a period of travels in the Holy Land and India; encounters with great masters; high mystical experiences; a period of service to the street children of Benares, and finally the meeting with Sri Tathata, her long sought-after spiritual Master, in 2002. Sharing since then the mission with him, Maitreyi Amma travels tirelessly throughout the world. In her darshans (individual blessings), she transmits the unconditional love of the Divine Mother and the courage to accomplish the way leading to Self-Realisation. Her teachings refer to those of Sri Tathata and thus to the great Vedic tradition of the ancient Rishis. In 2006, Maitreyi Amma was awarded the Shanti Mandir Prize for Peace - a beautiful recognition of her tireless work for peace in the hearts of humankind.

Below are few extracts from the book (Copyright Maitreyi Amma and contributors).

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For more information regarding Maitreyi Amma's mission please visit http://www.maitreyiamma.org